Revolt Live Parameters cars competition - Ended - Congratulations Citywalker

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Voting ended

Voting has ended on 2011 year 20th August because there was no more voters. Voting results looks like this:

Place Name Author Picture Download Votes on RVL Votes on Home page Total votes
1. Catamaran Mite on a wheel Citywalker Re-volt LIVE Re-volt LIVE 4 5 9
2./3. ZR6 Zipperrulez Re-volt LIVE Re-volt LIVE 2 1 3
2./3. Bugs Dead Krisss Re-volt LIVE Re-volt LIVE 2 1 3
4. Bliggity Blurgh Dave-o-rama Re-volt LIVE Re-volt LIVE 0 1 1
5. Cross UFO Burner94 Re-volt LIVE Re-volt LIVE 0 0 0
Total 5 wonderful cars 5 original authors Re-volt LIVE Re-volt LIVE
Download all
8 8 16


How everything happened

Competition idea was created by Krisss and later 5 people (including Krisss) strated to make cars. Voting started on 2011 15th August's night but ended on 20th Augusts evening. Winner with 6 votes more that 2nd place was CityWalker.

Cars took part

On this part you can see, download and share all cars that took part on RVLPC Competition.

Competition rules

Rules of this competitions and reason why this is different from other car competition:

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